DNS Scaling Without Limitations High Performance Authoritative DNS Trusted and Reliable
DNS Scaling Without Limitations
Based on PowerDNS, we've designed solutions that scale to millions of domains handling millions of queries per second
High Performance Authoritative DNS
Your DNS infrastructure is critical, when did you last stress-test it?
Trusted and Reliable
Powering Wikipedia since 2005 and over 10m domains world-wide, PowerDNS is behind many of the web's most successful sites.

As one of only a handful of Certified PowerDNS consultants in the world we are well classed to be called the PowerDNS experts.

We are UK based and offer DNS consulting globally.

The DNS Performance Experts

We have extensive experience in designing platforms to handle massive DNS load and DDOS attacks whilst retaining ultra-low update and response times over millions of zones. We have contributed a number of patches to the PowerDNS sources specifically aiming at improving scalability over many cores, and have written several backend database drivers to take advantage of this.

PowerDNS Open Source Trusted Technology

PowerDNS is a world-class open source authoritative name server. Powering DNS for over 30% of domains in Europe and with a uniquely flexible configuration it is at the forefront of worldwide DNSSEC deployment.